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    1977-05-31 Basin Street Rehearsals, Island Studios, London (Newer Source)


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    1977-05-31 Basin Street Rehearsals, Island Studios, London (Newer Source)

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 2:43 pm

    Bob Marley and The Wailers
    Basin Street Rehearsals, Island Studios, London

    lineage:SBD>my 3rd gen cassette>kenwood 1050ct cass deck>Xitel Inport>.wav>nero for tracks splits>Flac and Sector algn via traders little helper

    track list:
    14:50.36 Track1-Exodus.flac

    6:34.24 Track2-I Shot the Sheriff.flac

    7:56.20 Track3-No Woman No Cry.flac

    5:36.29 Track4-No More Trouble.flac

    7:56.29 Track5-Rastaman Vibration.flac

    2:26.70 Track6-Natty Dread.flac

    8:52.49 Track7-Jammin'.flac

    11:08.20 Track8-Guiltiness.flac

    4:42.01 Track9-Natural Mystic.flac

    12:23.05 Track10-Lively up Yourself.flac

    8:03.63 Track11-Running Away-Crazy Baldheads.flac

    total time: 90:30.46

    notes: tape obtained in a trade from a Packers fan..Nice sound throughout but jammin'
    and Guiltiness are a little lower in sound quality than the rest of the tracks..
    Overall great rehearsal and one of the few with the I-Three's..
    This rehearsal circulates with clicks and pops all over the recording this very low gen copy has none..
    I applied a volume boost to the overall sound with slight equalizing..

    Tape Transfer and Flac'd by me Tim Jones on 9-24-2005
    ....DO NOT SELL ...

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