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    1977-05-31 Basin Street Rehearsals, Island Studios, London


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    1977-05-31 Basin Street Rehearsals, Island Studios, London Empty 1977-05-31 Basin Street Rehearsals, Island Studios, London

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 2:42 pm

    Bob Marley and the Wailers - Rehearsal - London, U.K. 5-31-77

    confirmed rehearsal date check [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    I don't remember were I got this tape from, but did not see it on the site.

    Set list is:

    1. exodus
    2. I shot the sheriff
    3. no woman, no cry 1, no woman, no cry 2
    4. no more trouble
    5. positive vibration
    6. natty dread

    flip tape

    7. jammin
    8. guiltiness
    9. natural mystic
    10. lively up yourself
    11. crazy baldheads - running away

    I am in the process of digitizing all my tape collection
    and some out of print things to help perserve it. As I do,
    I am posting them on the web to help share the history and future of the music.

    My shows all come from tapes then to FLAC files.
    If I have the song titles on original tape, then
    I use that information. I do not like to guess
    song titles so I just leave a numbered FLAC file.

    If you are unfarmilar with the artist and don't know
    title names, I would suggest buying as many CD's and LP's
    by those artists and learn as I did over the last 20 some
    years and try to help catalog these great shows.

    Run time for most shows in 90 minutes as that is the size/time
    of the original tape.

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