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    XXXX Blackwell Secret Dub


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    XXXX Blackwell Secret Dub Empty XXXX Blackwell Secret Dub

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 4:45 pm

    Blacwell secret dub


    01 - FOREVER LOVING JAH (Instrumental with some vocal clips)
    02 - ROOTS, ROCK, REGGAE (Released on Rastaman Vibration Deluxe Edition)
    03 - CRAZY BALDHEADS (Minimalistic bass-dominated dub with Bob screaming at start and singing only four lines)
    04 - SHE'S GONE (Echo on lead and harmony vocals, most dubbed away)
    05 - SATISFY MY SOUL (Echo on the lead and harmony vocals with most mixed away)
    06 - JAMMING (Instrumental with some echoed lead vocals)
    07 - ONE LOVE (Starts with Bob?s echoed vocals only, echo on lead vocals, harmonies, percussion, many vocals mixed away)
    08 - KEEP ON MOVING (Instrumental)
    09 - EXODUS (It's the Kindread Spirit Mix released in 1992)
    10 - IS THIS LOVE (Echo on the lead and harmony vocals and horns, some dubbed away. Some handclaps)
    11 - BABY WE'VE GOT A DATE (Instrumental)
    12 - WAITING IN VAIN (Instrumental with only some lead vocal)
    13 - THREE LITTLE BIRDS (Instrumental with some lead vocals. Additional synth effects)
    14 - IRON LION ZION (12" Mix)
    15 - Promo Remix

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