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    XXXX The Singles


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    XXXX The Singles

    Post  vampire-legend on 2010-01-30, 9:55 pm

    BMW 'The Singles'

    These are singles taken right from LP's.Released in JA.
    Some have been around before, some are new(to us).
    These are great quality!
    Thanks to Dave O. 'the Cultural One' for these shows/singles!
    ~spreading the message by spreading the music~

    1.Jah Live
    2.Jah Live Dub
    3.Smile JA
    4.Smile JA (alt)
    5.Punky Reggae Party
    6.Punky Reggae Party (alt)
    7.Rastaman Live Up
    8.Rastaman Live Up Dub
    9.Blackman Redemption
    10.Blackman Redemption Dub
    11.Who Colt The Game
    12.Who Colt The Dub
    13.I Know A Place
    14.I Know A Dub
    15.Wake Up and Live
    16.Wake Up and Live (alt)
    17.So Much Trouble IN THe World

    1.Ambush In The Night
    2.Ambush Dub
    3.I Know w/Dub
    4.I Know (instrumental)
    5.Coming In From The Cold
    6.Coming In From The Dub
    7.Bad Card
    8.Bad Card Dub
    9.Redemption Song (live acoustic-electric swtich)
    10.Redemption Song (Full Band)
    11.Zion Train
    12.Buffalo Soldier
    13.Buffalo Soldier w/Dub (alt)
    14.Buffalo Soldier Dub
    16.Trenchtown Dub
    18.Why Must I Cry?

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