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    196X-197X Wailers Nicetime Acappella


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    196X-197X Wailers Nicetime Acappella

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 12:43 pm

    The Wailers
    Kingston, Jamaica
    late 60's/ealry 70's

    Source: studio outtake
    Lineage: Roger Steffans collection > cassette tape > .wav > .flac
    Taped by: whoever recorded the original "Nice Time"
    Transfered by: Roger Steffans (?), well known L.A. based Marley archivist/historian

    File Size: 14 megs .flac

    MD5/FLAC Fingerprints:

    46e3e25e7fa56ddee8c2f25cac2d5ba8 *wailers_nicetime_acappella.flac


    This is a real treat for all Wailers fans. This is the vocal track off of the original version of "Nice Time." To my ears it seems that it was a two track, live-in-the-studio recording, with the instruments on one track and the Wailers on the other. The instrumental track has been released as a "dub" in various collections (you can always hear the Wailers vocals "bleeding" over), but this here is the vocal track from the same sessions. Enjoy. Better yet, remix!

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