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    1965-1980 Ultra Rarities


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    1965-1980 Ultra Rarities Empty 1965-1980 Ultra Rarities

    Post  vampire-legend 2009-12-19, 12:57 pm

    Bob Marley and The Wailers
    Ultra Rarities

    Sound Varies on all tracks
    Lineage is Various SBD and AUD Sources > Unknown Cass Gen>CDR(x)>EAC>Flac
    cd 1:

    01-butterfly 3:23
    02-everyday is such a lonely day 5:00
    03-down by the river (i left my sins) 2:06
    04-cry on 3:54
    05-heat of the day 3:07

    a mix of acoustic songs, not all from the same session
    track 01,05 are part of jad sessions 67/69
    butterfly is some sort of cover of a debbie reynolds song called "tammy" (thanks Andy C.)
    track 02 is from july 1980
    tracks 04 is from 1980 like lex said
    track 03 is usually know as a song from 1965

    cd 2:

    01-can't take your slogans no more 4:03
    02-can't take your slogans no more 4:05
    03-can't take your slogans no more 4:03
    04-can't take your slogans no more 4:04
    05-can't take your slogans no more 4:05
    06-can't take your slogans no more 4:03
    07-can't take your slogans no more 3:58
    08-can't take your slogans no more 3:59
    09-bass is heavy (we're having a real good time) 14:07

    4 takes are fake according to a document ported to my attention
    track 09 is not the same cut as the one in the criteria 1980

    cd 3 :

    01-russian invasion 16:11
    02-russian invasion 12:52
    03-russian invasion 10:13
    04-russian invasion 2:40
    05-russian invasion 9:13

    original jam cut into separates tracks (props to andy C. again)

    jacob miller did a song with a similar name and the peter tosh no nuclear war demo
    came to mind when ya think about this jam
    Afghanistan is prolly the main inspiration for that amazing gem

    cd 4:

    01-spoken statement 0:39
    02-can't bow inna babylon 22:20
    03-ambush (alt) 4:43
    04-babyfeel dis one (alt) 4:49
    05-could you be loved (alt) 3:49
    06-give thanks and praises (alt) 0:34
    07-instrumental 5:51
    08-forever loving jah (alt) 3:04
    09-mix up (alt) 8:22
    10-So long rastafari call you (Instr) 6:19
    11-smile jamaica (dub plate) 3:03
    12-survival (alternate) 0:17
    13-instrumental (have faith in the lord) 2:46
    14-so much trouble (alternate) 5:11
    15-crisis (acoustic) 0:55

    a compilation ,track 14 comes from the love gong video
    and has the famous alternate lyrics "nations plots agains nations"

    cd 5 :

    01-soul rebel (acoustic) 3:11
    02-heat of the day (acoustic) 3:08
    03-pass it on (rock steady version) 2:39
    04-cry on 3:50
    05-why should i (original) 3:27
    06-wisdom (acoustic) 2:47
    07-rat race (alt) 3:26
    08-everyday is such a lonely day (acoustic) 4:44
    09-feeling irie (acoustic) 7:42
    10-cant bow inna babylon 5:35
    11-slogan (alternate) 4:03
    12-slogans (drum version) 4:02
    13-pass it on (accapella) 2:39
    14-pass it on (instrumental) 2:39
    15-why should i 3:31
    16-nice time (alternate) 2:35
    17-nice time (dj) 2:37

    cd 5 tracks 13+14 are just the vocal and dub tracks taken from track3

    track 08 09 comes from a 40mn tape, and are edited, most of the tape is just talking.

    thanks to the mad bob collector for the info

    cd 6 :

    01-could you be loved (alt) 1:47
    02-could you be loved (altx2) 6:28
    03-survival (alt) 1:19
    04-zimbabwe (different version) 14:18
    05-ride natty ride (alt) 9:08
    06-rebel music (dub) 6:47
    07-so jah say (dub) 4:30
    08-roots rock reggae (dub+alt) 3:38
    09-could you be loved (alt x3) 3:51
    10-who the cap fit (alt) 4:38

    track 1 to 5 are from the survival/wounded lion session's

    Cry On is from 1980, Cry On is from a 90 minute acoustic session.
    Real Good Time is a song that I found. It was recorded on an old memorex tape.

    additional information provided by a "wailers lover" from his web site..

    Some tracks are Mp3 sourced but what can you do...This set is a must have...So I hope you can look past that...Thank sgo to DAK for the original "leak" of this set...

    Flac conversion done By Me Mushroom lover (Tim Jones)

    ....DO NOT RE-RIP....

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