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    1977-1980 Mother B Tapes 1 & 2


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    1977-1980 Mother B Tapes 1 & 2

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 2:53 pm

    Bob Marley Acoustic 1980????
    'Mother B tape - reel 1'
    aka:Bedroom Tapes (1 of 2)

    4 track mixer?>?reel(??)>cassette>DAT>CDR

    This is one of two cds that make up 'the Bedroom tapes'.
    Bob solo acoustic..These tapes are originaly from Bobs mom..
    This was sent to me from an anonymus source..
    Not even a return address on the envelope....
    We give thanks for these recordings...
    Jah music is for LOVE, not for sale

    1.Im A Jailbreaker
    2.Live A Life Of Love
    3.Live By The Gun- Die By The Gun
    4.We and Dem
    5.Let Me In
    6.Jump Dem

    Join the reggae traders....
    Spreading the message by spreading the music..
    'The music is in the message, the message is in the music'- Burning Spear
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    Bob Marley
    Mother B Tapes - Reel 2
    (aka Bedroom Tapes Reel 2)

    4 track mixer?>cassette>DAT>CDR>CDR>wav(cdparanoia)>flac

    some skips, clicks, pops which are supposed to be from the master dat,
    lots of white noise

    3 Pray For Me
    5 Can't Take Your Slogans No More

    Rojah Steffens:

    On the second ten-inch reel, there is a great deal of one note doodling,
    tuning, etc. But a couple of very badly recorded, yet fascinating, tunes
    are revealed. The first is a bossa nova, which makes one think that it
    was recorded in early 1980, after Bob and Jacob Miller had returned from
    a record promotion trip to Brazil. There are at least two guitarists in
    the room, one of whom lays down a lilting Brazilian bed as Bob sings.


    tell all the weakhearts
    stay away from my door
    just can't take your evil no more
    cup is full and runneth over
    far as I can see
    shally wally wah
    did you say your prayer
    shall wally way
    pray for me [repeated 4 times]

    hey Mr. Klansman get down from the tree
    can't stand to see
    the suffering of the majority...

    The final song that reveals itself is one that Bob's Rasta lawyer, Diane
    Jobson, says is among her all time favorites of Bob's unreleased
    masterpieces, a political diatribe against the folly- ticians, whom Bob
    felt betrayed him at every opportunity. (Remember his famous line "never
    make a politician grant you a favor/they will always want to control you
    forever"? This song could easily be a follow-up.)


    can't take your slogans no more [repeated 4 times]
    wipe off the paint and the slogans
    all over the street
    confusin' the people
    while the asphalt burns
    our tired feet
    I see borders and barriers
    segregation and riot
    sufferation of the majority
    will always be with you and me...

    can't take your slogans no more...
    no more sweet talk from the hypocrites...
    no more sweet talk no more fussing
    no more sweet talk from the pulpit

    Many years ago I told Chris Blackwell of the existence of these tapes
    and urged him to make safety copies on DAT as soon as possible. It
    didn't matter, I said, who owned what. But if the tapes were allowed to
    further decompose, no one would have anything to fight over in the
    future. To this day, no such digital masters have been struck.

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