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    1977-05-2X Morning Train Rehersals, England (UPGRADE)


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    1977-05-2X Morning Train Rehersals, England (UPGRADE)

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 2:42 pm

    Bob Marley
    Morning Train

    - S.O.T UPGRADE-

    cd>> wav >> s.o.t fix >> flac level 8

    the version prior too this
    version are NOT the same
    generated copy, my copy is lot
    more better quality as you will
    hear from the two sample file's
    so you can compare old well known version
    that has circulated for years
    in that state, well now i bring a different
    version, why i did lot fixs on my
    own version is due too fact
    i 'am deliverin' a new sound too this session
    and that i have for i have heard & edited
    and removed some clips that was present...
    not much about this session
    and normaly never spoke about
    it, i belive this to be another
    rehersal from basing street studio's.
    year is 1977 bob was in england at this
    time and the rehersal has the same set list of songs
    that appeared on his set list to play live
    in england, look at basing stoke & set list
    then look at morning train rehersals (these)
    and know he did play them all live in endland in 1977.
    so that if thus is true & these was taped in basing street
    i probably say summer of 1977....
    i dont know much about these & neither do other's.
    but i think this first reveiw or run down in what
    this amazeing rehersal is, in total six tracks
    morning train the first track is like a jamm, maybe
    that is why its so short or early working of zion train ?
    am giving you some thing to think about there,
    heathen is killer the lead guitar is awesome ,so much thing's
    too say had few minor clippin's but i fixed , and this
    rehersed session version is awesome vocals & sound..
    burning & looting is killer...for rest of
    the song's you hear & know these are cool session
    not just too be put on some list or to be never
    even talked about...i was glad to have done this
    for it give's me the light too talk of this session
    and let it be known to you and know that its just not
    a poor session you once heard (that wasnt my version).
    hence the now ! nuff said.

    set list

    01-Burning & looting
    02-I Shot the Sheriff
    03 Morning Train
    04-The heathen
    05So Much Things to Say
    06 Jammin

    keep it lossless !!
    do not convert too mp3 !!
    keep a seed for other man
    and when a seed is needed
    and you have the torrent
    please share it (seed) so
    other's will get more on
    a torrent, the more chance it has
    at staying alive & that doesnt
    take a genuis to figure that..

    seeded & SHARED to marley & tosh torrents.net 28-08-2008
    by son of thunder a.k.a sean.

    one last thing...

    ENJOY !

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