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    1976-1980 Unreleased Acoustic Songs


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    1976-1980 Unreleased Acoustic Songs

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 2:17 pm

    Track01-jailbreaker (edit 1977).flac
    Track02-place of peace (1977).flac
    Track03-record a new song (1977).flac
    Track04- we and them (1977).flac
    Track05- vexation (1977).flac
    Track06- jump them out of babylon (edit 1977).flac
    Track07-stand alone (1975).flac
    Track08-if you wanna be loved (1975).flac
    Track09-I'm ready (1976).flac
    Track10- when i get to you (1976).flac
    Track11-god of all ages (1976).flac
    Track12-rumours (edit 1976).flac
    Track13-They sey you up my son (edit 1976).flac
    Track14-jammin' (edit 1976).flac
    Track15-Easy skanking (edit 1976).flac
    Track16-mist morning,oh what a day (edit 1980).flac
    Track17-bass is heavy acoustic (edit 1980).flac
    Track18-all on board (edit 1980).flac
    Track19-paray for me (1980).flac
    Track20-slogans (1980).flac
    Track21-right on (edit 1980).flac
    Track22-can't bow inna baylon (edit 1980).flac

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