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    1973-1980 In The Name Of The Lord (Demo Mix) Japanese ROIO, Orient Express


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    1973-1980 In The Name Of The Lord (Demo Mix) Japanese ROIO, Orient Express

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 2:02 pm

    Bob Marley and The Wailers
    "In The Name Of The Lord"
    Japanese ROIO, Orient Express
    Various 73-80

    Silver CD > EAC (secure mode) > Flac16 (1.6.0)

    Size: 414MB
    Length: 73:08m


    1. Concrete Jungle (1973 Catch A Fire Demo)
    2. Get Up, Stand Up (1973 Burnin Demo)
    3. Talking Blues (1974 Natty Dread Demo)
    4. Amadu (1974 Natty Dread Demo/Alternate)
    5. Jah Live (1975 Demo)
    6. Smile Jamacia Dub (Dub)
    7. Turn Your Lights Down Low (1977 Exodus Demo)
    8. Exodus (1977 Exodus Demo)
    9. Running Away (1977 Kaya Demo)
    10. Who Colt the Game (1978 Black Ark Demo, Lee Perry's studio)
    11. I Know A Place (1978 Black Ark Demo, Lee Perry's studio)
    12. Ride Natty Ride (1979 Survival Rehearsal)
    13. Give Thanks and Praises (1980 Uprising Demo)
    14. Chant Down Babylon (1980 Uprising Demo)
    15. Babylon Feel Dis One (1979 Survival Demo)
    16. Zion Train (1980 Uprising Rehearsal)
    17. I Shot the Sheriff (1980 Uprising Rehearsal)
    18. Redemption Song (1980 Essex House Hotel)

    Currently circulating among European ftp traders, this collection of demos,
    rehersals, and alternates from various years is a special treat for Marely
    fans who may never have heard songs like Amadu and Ride Natty Ride. This
    ROIO may also be known under a different release as 'Redemption.' It's
    always great to hear the subtle nuances in compilations like this, and
    you'll be rewarded with many of those, along with very good sound.
    So go there, dready, go there, and be happy! Share with friends!

    This is the COMPLETE version ripped from my silvers (mark at kerchoff dot com) see notes below:
    *The original silvers purportedly contain 2 additional tracks as 10 & 11,
    *shifting the rest down, for 18 total tracks. The two missing tracks are
    *said to be witheld due to becoming available in retail form:
    * x10. Who Colt the Game *(Black Ark Demo, Lee Perry's studio, 1978)*
    * x11. I Know A Place *((Black Ark Demo, Lee Perry's studio, 1978)*
    *Other than that the recordings are very clean.

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