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    1973-10-24 Capitol Rehearsal Records, Hollywood,California,USA (Remaster)


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    1973-10-24 Capitol Rehearsal Records, Hollywood,California,USA (Remaster)

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 2:00 pm

    The Wailers :
    Capitol Record Studios
    LA, California, USA
    October 24, 1973
    §єс Шѓ Thµсdи®️

    cd>>wav>>flac 8

    01 you carnt blame the youth (don't blame dem)
    02 slave driver (yah gonna burn)
    03 burnin & lootin (how many river's)
    04 rasterman chant (one bright morning)
    05 duppy conquer (up dem street's again)
    06 midnight ravers (wonder alone by night as i say by day)
    07 put it on (feel dem spirit's)
    08 stop that train (nothing can stop me now)
    09 kinky reggae (kinky as can be reggae)
    10 stir it up (just you and me little darlin')
    11 no more trouble (love sweet love)
    12 get up stand up (life is your right)
    again another prepared
    torrent from 2008 !
    and as title say's !
    i orirgnaly seen some
    body torrent this in similar
    track list and i thought
    yeah that is pretty kool
    so i thought i give a shot at mine
    so here it is but is cleaned
    and with better cover's
    and new name taggin'
    art work & restoration
    by sean (who else).
    sample's included
    and md5.

    seeded by sean to my community
    on 6th febuary 2009.

    marley & tosh torrent's.net

    happy earth day bob !

    enjoy people !

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