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    1968 Eleanor Rigby Tape (Let the Saints Through JAD Demos)


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    1968 Eleanor Rigby Tape (Let the Saints Through JAD Demos)

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 1:02 pm

    Bob Marley
    "Let The saints Through"
    the legendary "eleanor rigby tape edited " JAD DEMOS
    lineage:Unknown Home Recorder>DAT>CDR(1)

    set list:

    Track01 splish for my splash.flac

    Track02 you don't love me.flac

    Track03 want you to know.flac

    Track04 have you heard.flac

    Track05 oh boy.flac

    Track06 I'm getting ready.flac

    Track07 caution.flac

    Track08 this my life.flac

    Track09 whats the matter baby.flac

    Track10 faithful.flac

    Track11 for once in my life.flac

    Track12 do you mean it.flac

    Track13 sun going down.flac

    Track14 butterfly.flac

    Track15 caution.flac

    Track16 because I love you.flac

    Track17 you've got it.flac

    Track18 couldn't resist.flac

    Track19 get it to me.flac

    Track20 lets get it strated.flac

    Track01 cheer up.flac

    Track02 eleanor rigby.flac

    Track03 set the night on fire.flac

    Track04 the sun is going down.flac

    Track05 my head is spinning.flac

    Track06 set the night on fire.flac

    Track07 you make me feel alright false start 1.flac

    Track08 you make me feel alright false start 2.flac

    Track09 you make feel alright.flac

    Track10 son of a gun.flac

    Track11 lord sent me from zion.flac

    taken from the DAT transfers of Rita Marley's vault come these amazing composing session.
    This disc seems to be from the JAD songwriters era, reflecting a softer side to Bob's many melodies as well as vocal experimentation of all kinds. THIS WAS ORIGINALY A 2 DISC SET AND NOW IS EDITED TO ONE...Some tracks were left off but can be found elsewhere....
    ...................PLEASE NO LOSSY FROMATS......

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