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    XXXX Basing Street Rehearsal compilation Cassette


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    XXXX Basing Street Rehearsal compilation Cassette Empty XXXX Basing Street Rehearsal compilation Cassette

    Post  vampire-legend on 2010-01-19, 2:08 am

    BMW: Basing Street Rehearsals-May 1977, London (Partial).

    Source: Cassette > xitel inport > hard drive > wav file.

    First, give thanks to S.O.T (Sean, aka SonOfThunder), and yes, Dubwise, for their March 2008 works on
    Basing Street Rehearsals. Their level of work is beyond what I have to offer. As for the SBD or 3rd gen source
    material they used, thanks for making it available. Certainly both versions of these rehearsals are now easily found
    on the web, in flac, or unfortuneately, in MP3, via direct download ! As to wether the date is 5-24-77 or 5-31-77,
    more people seem to list 5-31. Pre-digital age, though, who are the players that made this audio available ? In the
    vain of more basic, and in a sense- older versions of audio for Basing Street, I have the following partial version to
    This is not a definitive version of Basing Street, but a good, partial one. It comes from a compilation tape
    which I have some reason to believe may be a 2nd generation copy of a Roger Steffens compilation; but don't
    quote me on it as I don't know for sure. A friend of mine in Santa Monica had many such gems which were from
    Roger. In any case, what interests me is that I have had this since about 1990, before full Basing Street versions
    where readily available. And, the song order is somewhat different, likely by choice of the maker (not Me). But the
    audio I feel warrants a listen as it is warm, full, and natural in an analogue way- which I realy like. Also, the audio speed
    is, or seems to be perhaps a little more layed back than what I have heard in other versions; something I did not effect at all.
    Further, I did not NR this one to reduce cassette hiss-though a small dose might not hamper the audio overly much. Also,
    pardon my lack of Flac here, but it is in Wav as is most of my stuff until I get that (flac) process down. So, this is all I
    knew of Basing Street until recently. Furthermore, I didn't even know where it took place. In fact, I labelled (in 1990)
    the tape "Positive Vibration Rehearsals" as that song seemed to carry the strongest vibe of the set; though Lively Up Yourself
    is longer. For accuracy, I have listed the full tape contents, though only 6 "Basing Street" tracks are included with the torrent
    here as there is nothing new in the rest- only listed to give context to the source for those that may doubt its' authenticity.
    Maybe someone else has this same tape as well. If so, let me know what you know of its' making.

    Update: 12-29-2009, this is the full 21 track tape, listed in side A/ side B/ order.

    Side A:
    1. Natty Dread (Santa Cruz: 12-2-79 late show)
    2. Is This Love (Santa Cruz 12-2-79 late show)
    3. Survival ( 1979 rehearsal ? cutt)
    4. Instramental #1 ( 1979 Survival rehearsal ?)
    5. Instramental #2 ( 1979 Survival rehearsal ?)
    6 Rat Race Dub ( version ?)
    7. Who The Cap Fit dub ( version ?)
    8. Babylon Feel This One (DJ version)
    9. Nice Time rehearsal (I-Threes & Wailers...date ? certainly post '78, if not after Bob passed)
    10. Natural Mystic 4:57 (Basing Street Rehearsal)
    11. Lively Up Yourself 10:11 (Basing Street Rehearsal) *cutt, w/tape flip.

    Side B:
    12. Crazzy Baldheads/Running Away 8:02 (Basing Street Rehearsal)
    13. Positive Vibration 8:13 (Basing Street Rehearsal)
    14. No Woman No Cry 8:24 (Basing Street Rehearsal)
    15. No More Trouble 5:53 (Basing Street Rehearsal)
    16. Jamming Dub (version ?)
    17. Work (Uprising '80 rehearsal)
    18. Bad Card dub (version ?)
    19. Austrailian (?) t.v doc. audio clip re: "ganja-smoking Marley" (source unk. ?)
    20. Smile Jamaica dub (version ?)
    21. Wake Up & Live alt ver * cutt (version ?)

    So, hope this was of some historical/auditorial value as a partial piece of Basing Street. It was "all I ever
    had" for a long time, though perhaps better full versions are available. Thanks to the origional maker of the
    tape, though I would have liked an entire rehearsal rather than the wide range of stuff that he/she provided.
    Must have been intended that way as a broad mix is what I believe.

    TheLibrarian 12-27-2009.

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