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    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 4:58 pm

    Seasonal greetings from germany!

    Some of oyu will remember that little “project” of mine I started last year...
    I called it “German Advent Calendar Goodies” (or GACG), with reference to a
    German tradition which goes by the same name...to make it short: by end of
    november little kids here in Germany are presented so called “advent calendars”...
    usually these are pre-manufactured cardboard boxes that contain 24 little pieces
    of chocolate hidden behind 24 tiny little cardboard doors...starting with December
    1st the kids may open one door a day, thereby counting down the days until on the
    24th, Santa or what we call him, the “Christkind” or the “Weihnachtsmann” comes
    and brings the “real” presents...obviously there are no limits when you want to
    alter this tradition, a lot of parents (including my wife) make the effort and
    create their own unique calendar, taking little canvas bags, attach the numbers
    on them and then not only hide chocolate but other goodies, too big to put in
    a thin cardboard box...now, my own “virtual” advent calendar last year could
    potentially be “opened” by roughly 102,000 people...all you nice (well, most
    of them) folks in this community! It contained Reggae music, something I have
    been collecting for almost thirty years now. A few months ago I broke through
    the “1,000 live shows” barrier. Obviously in these days I could easily double
    that number but since I still have the ambition to listen to everything I download
    at least once I started to concentrated on quality, rather than quantity, especially
    since I am old school when it comes to Reggae... all these “modern” reggae artists
    just don’t do it for me and even most of the “original” guys have either disappeared
    or taken the commercial road (can’t blame them, though).

    Anyway, I got some real nice and warm responses last year so I decided to stick to
    the tradition and create another reggae calendar for 2008. In 2007 I did not start
    until December 12th or so, this year it will be “the real deal”: 24 shows for
    24 days. And since 24 easily divides into 8, I planned to split my seeds into three
    different categories: behind the first eight doors you found reggae artists who
    are rarely featured here on DIME...for some of them it might even have been the first time
    ever...the mid section of the calendar presented better known bands and singers with
    some rather rare or at least special concerts...and as we now close in on Christmas you can
    expect a “simple” best of complation, nothing rare, nothing special (at least not for
    the die hard collectors), just great musicians with great shows in superb (for Reggae
    standards) quality.


    The moment especially the kids amongst us have been waiting for...and "to wait for" is the key word
    for this year's final edition of the German Advent Calendar Goodies...for those who know me it won't
    come as a surprise that there was really only one option for the goodies behind the last door...
    in recent years it has become rather fashionable to diss the music of BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS -
    hell, there is even an entire trading community who believes that (quote) "BOB MARLEY brings out the
    worst in people". Well, I've mentioned before that I am old school when it comes to my (Reggae)
    music taste...and for me there is no other (Reggae) artist whose career output can match that of
    MARLEY'S and that is why he was my logical choice for today!

    But what to share? All the concerts I may upload have already been seeded before...so I needed to
    think about studio material...and to match the spirit of Christmas it had to be something nice and
    mellow...so why not pick the most beautiful (love) song MARLEY (imho) ever wrote? So what (Santa)
    Klaus (which is my real name, no kidding) brings to you today is a compilation of alternate takes
    and mixes of "Waiting in vain"...which in itself might have been a nice idea but certainly not a very
    special one. That's why I decided to share some stuff that has to the best of my knowledge never
    been openly shared before...so check it out!

    BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS Waiting in vain Alternates

    01 Waiting in vain - Jam with the Sons of Jah

    the commonly known solo acoustic version from a tape called "Jam with the Sons of Jah"
    almost 20 min long, most likely recorded in early 1977, probably already in exile in London

    02 Waiting in vain - Fake Live Version

    also commonly known, from a compilation called "Carlos Santana's Secret Tapes"
    the fake audience noice was added in post production, perhaps to make it sound as if it
    was recorded during one of the 1977 London Rainbow Shows

    03 Waiting in vain - Full Band Early Demo

    a rather "quite" mix, part of lots of compilations, for example "Exodus & Kaya Demos", with alternate
    lyrics; MARLEY starts with "From the very first time I blessed my eyes on you"...another example at
    ca 0:45 "In life I know girl, there's lots of grief...so the tears in my eyes burn...your love is my relief...
    that's why I'm waiting for my turn"...also there is a piano solo at ca. 1:35 that precedes the (alternate)
    guitar solo at ca. 3:10

    04 Waiting in vain - Alternate Julian Mendelsohn Mix *Previously uncirculated

    to my (untrained) ears this mix sounds a little bit similiar to the one Julian Mendelsohn did for the
    re-release of the "Waiting in vain" 12 inch single in 1984 that was later included in the "Legend Deluxe"
    Double CD - however, there are obvious differences: for example, the vocals are "mixed into the background"

    05 Waiting in vain - I Threes Mix *Previously uncirculated

    similiar to 04 but this time the background vocals by the I THREES dominate the mix

    06 Waiting in vain - Follow Truth Mix "Previously uncirculated

    a very unique version, perhaps the biggest treasure to be found in this compilation...the lyrics example
    from version 03 is altered to "In life I know...there's lots of grief...but Jah Love is I relief...so the
    tears...tears in my...tears in my eyes burn...while I'm waiting for my turn..."...at 1:35 we now have a
    combined piano / synth solo...the verse at ca. 2:55 is totally unheard "...what good is it to wait...to wait
    in vain..."...and JUNIOR MARVIN gives us yet another example of his skills with an alternate guitar solo
    at 3:10

    THERE YOU ARE - at least from my vaults you won't get any better...hope you all enjoy these mighty mighty

    "now you get what you want - do you want more?" BOB MARLEY

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