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    1979-01-xx DADA Demos #2


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    1979-01-xx DADA Demos #2

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 3:35 pm

    Bob Marley
    Dada Demos
    CD --> EAC --> FLAC

    1. Jungle Fever
    2. Jingling Keys
    3. Soul ShakeDown Party
    4. Babylon Feel Dis One
    5. Bablyon Feel Dis One (Alt)
    6. Survival
    7. Survival (Alt) --> Redemption Song (Alt)
    8. Redemption Song (Alt 2)
    9. Redemption Song (Alt 3)
    10. Unknown Instrumental
    11. Unknown Instrumental 2
    12. She Used to Call Me Dada
    13. Could You Be Loved (Rhythm King drum machine version)
    14. Give Thanks & Praises
    15. Burn Down Babylon

    This is the version of the dada demos that floating around on etree. I got it through a mail trade as an audio cd and converted it to flac. I did not include the sons of jah filler since that is a seperate show and was incomplete on this anyways. Some versions of this demo set are different around the web, but there is no real definitive version. This one is pretty much complete except I think Satisfy My Soul was also part of the session.

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