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    1979 Wounded Lion Session, Kingston, JA (4 Tracks)


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    1979 Wounded Lion Session, Kingston, JA (4 Tracks) Empty 1979 Wounded Lion Session, Kingston, JA (4 Tracks)

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 3:33 pm

    Bob marley
    The Wounded lion session

    SBD > ? > Cx > ? > FLAC
    Length: 46:40m Size: 187 MiB FLAC

    01-wounded lion in the jungle [22:05]
    02-you talk too much [ 3:55]
    03-babylon system [ 5:40]
    04-babylon system(with false starts) (cut) [15:00]

    here the comments about it from ras rojah (roger steffens) :

    It's a great tape. The "wounded lion" clearly refers to his on-going struggle (two years old at least in '79)
    against the melanoma cancer that would eventually take his life in May of 1981.
    it also seems to refer to his ongoing struggle against Babylonian forces, urging "revolution now for sure."

    that tape is probably part of the 1979 survival session
    despite the fact that the original cd was a bitch to rip,enjoy it

    music is a passion not a competition


    This is part 2 of the Survival set seeded to EZT in September 2004.
    The sound quality is a bit better with these tracks, and the performance
    is amazingly delicate yet soulful, that experience you always wish to be
    around, you know, Bob and friends jamming. Bless those along the way,
    including Ras Rojah and the Family for securing these precious moments
    into history.

    Some hiss and a little hum.
    t2 - You Talk Too Much @ 1:51m - R channel D.O. for 1s.
    t4 - Babylon System @ 2:28m - subsecond D.O.

    to the people and organic fruit.

    01-wounded lion.flac:7c82b97617974282c81773fd930870dd
    02-you talk too much.flac:a4700f1c99d4943a135a8d6ad9e1da51
    03-babylon system.flac:21d35e1b6ee4e01e191619aac10a7b87
    04-babylon system.flac:5bf53041af51bff6c26a4dddf253adbf

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