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    1978-05-31 Time Will Tell Rehearsals


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    1978-05-31 Time Will Tell Rehearsals Empty 1978-05-31 Time Will Tell Rehearsals

    Post  vampire-legend on 2009-12-19, 3:07 pm

    Time Will Tell Rehearsals, Miami, May 1978.

    Source: Cassette > Xitel import > Hard drive/Wav files.

    This is a Wav version of the Miami 1978 rehearsals, given to me (cassette) by an Angel in
    Los Angeles in about 1990... who shall go nameless. So, it is excellent, and I have done my
    best to split tracks as close to their spontaneous changes as I could as I have never been a
    fan of rip jobs that are either done before, or after, a split should have been made.

    I have not altered the origional in any way other than to put to hard drive and split...
    trusting that the origional job was the best, and that I could not add to it.

    Bad luck will befall you if you convert to MP3 or sell/market, but good will follow if you enjoy
    as Wav or Flac.

    My favorite track is #12 Soul Rebel as you won't find that live period, or in rehearsal much, or
    on other shortened versions of this rehearsal available elsewhere.


    1 Rastaman Chant 10:50
    2 Burnin' and Lootin' 7:45
    3 Time Will Tell 25:20
    4 Lively up Yourself 2:24
    5 Who The Cap Fit 7:36
    6 Easy Skankin' 4:10
    7 Want More 6:16
    8 Jamming 5:53
    9 Crisis 4:12
    10 Running Away 9:19
    11 Positive Vibration 5:12
    12 Soul Rebel 3:46
    13 Waiting in vain 1:10

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